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A BOLO (Be On LookOut) List and a BOLO Book


Some of my readers may remember the posts I did here and here and here, that contained what is known as a BOLO list. These are items and brands to Be On the LookOut for when thrifting or yard saling, because they are great resellers.

The list was compiled from several posts and threads from our lovely Facebook group Stay At Home Moms Selling on Ebay Everyone welcome!

Anyway, I had only posted 3 lists, and then stopped because I knew a download of the entire list would soon be available! And now it is. Thanks to the Ebay Coach, Suzanne Wells.

Click here to get your FREE copy of the 2010 Bolo List!

Several people on the SAHMSOE Facebook group mention that they have BOLO books. They have little notes of brands and items that they are on the lookout for at thrift stores.

I have been operating the totally inefficient way..relying on my memory. I'd be at Goodwill and see a brand and think, "Is that the brand so-and-so mentioned?" If I had my BOLO book, I wouldn't have any such questions! I had been waiting to thrift the perfect book and I finally did.

It's super slim, has removeable pages and has ABC tabs that I can use to organize my subjects. It was new (in 1995), never used and only $.99!

(Sorry for the wonky pictures, since my move I can't find my camera battery charger (uhoh) and this was the best I could do! But you get the idea.)

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