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Thrift Store Items to Be On the LookOut For- Part 1

I belong to an amazing Facebook group started by the Ebay Coach called the Stay at Home Moms Selling on Ebay group. Come check us out anytime! We're a friendly lot. (and we're not all moms, or even women!)
Anyway, a big part of our discussions are what items to look for a thrift stores that we can sell on eBay. We cover clothing, dinnerware, toys, plush...you name it. Early on someone mentioned the idea of having a BOLO book you carry with you to the thrift store. A BOLO (Be On the LookOut) book contains a list of brands and items that are fairly commonly found at thrift stores and that you can sell on Ebay for a profit.
We have so many different discussion threads there, that I've started going through past ones and assembling a list of the brands by topic. I thought I'd occasionally post a list here...so my list is all in one place. I'll start with clothing.
Keep in mind that there is usually a lot of information behind these items and that I make no guarantees about your sales! Sizes, condition of the item, etc...can have an effect on the success of your sales.
So in general, here are a list of clothing brands I'm generally on the lookout for at thrift stores and yard sales. I tried to include items that I've had success with personally or that group members have experience with. (in no particular order!)

Coldwater Creek
Camel Hair coats
Major college or university items
Eileen Fisher
Jamie Sadock workout apparel
Life is Good
Talbots Petites
Chico's Travelers
Abercrombie & Fitch

LL Bean Leather Bomber jacket
Men's Neckties
Life is Good
Ralph Lauren
Harley Davidson

Under Armour
Nike Dri Fit
Columbia PFG (fishing related)
Simms (also fishing)
Cycling Jerseys
Mountain Hardwear
Golf apparel
~polo shirts, windshirts (Bobby Jones, Nike, Masters…)
Pearl Izumi
Hot Chillys

Ok, this is just a start..I know there are tons more. As a matter of fact, on her blog, Apron Thrift Girl has a great list of super high end brands to keep an eye out for. And then there's denim...a whole nother (wow..i've said that phrase before..it's totally wrong!) topic.

What brands do you look for? What else is in your BOLO book?
Stay tuned for more lists...it helps me too!
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