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Thrift Store Items to Be On the LookOut For- Part 3


It's time for the next installment! Thought I would steer away from the clothing racks of the thrift store and focus in on toys and games. Some of these may be in your own home! (Special thanks to Rachel from Mortenviews Gifts and Treasures for her special knowledge of Care Bears and plush items!!

Toys, Games, Dolls and Plush Toys

Leapfrog items
LEGOS ~sell in lots
~Star Wars legos are especially good sellers
Lego Minifigs ~can sometimes be sold individually
Lincoln Logs (lots or smaller similar lots)
Water Babies
Super rare Nintendo games :-)

Cat in the Hat
Carebears (more details here)
Wiggles dolls, cars, guitars, featherswords
Build a bear outfits (the plush are hit and miss)
Starbucks bears
Little Bear
Curious George
Veggie Tales
Nemo characters (dory sells like hotcakes)
Wells fargo ponies (many of these sell for 24.99)
Backyardigans (especially pablo)
GIANT Fievel dolls (American Tail)
Seattle Mariner moose items
Green Bay Packer plush
Dallas Cowboys plush
Jo Jo the clown
2001 & 2002 Ralph Lauren bears
Lamb Chop
My Buddy Dolls
American Girl Dolls
Hello Kitty
Handy Manny
Little Einsteins (in a lot)
Beatrix Potter

Scrabble (sell tiles in lots)
35 36 37 38