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Flippin' Flatware ~ Part 3 ~ Organization


Hello everyone! I think I've been putting off writing Part 3 since organization is NOT my forte. My flatware inventory organization system was totally outgrown and not working.
But life has been busy! I've been trying out selling directly on Instagram with fairly good results, keeping up with the kids and just normal life stuff. The weather has been great here in the PNW, (summer weather already!) and so we've been outside more than normal (...away from the computer). Okay, now that my excuses are out of the way...let me show you my progress. It's better than nothing since I'm not sure when I'll be totally done.
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So basically what I did was buy a bunch of shoebox size plastic bins in two different colors. I started off with the blue ones and made rudimentary labels. I so want to pick up a little Dymo or Brother labeler...but I haven't done the research yet. I'm hoping to thrift one!!
The blue bins are all my LISTED flatware items. I took over a cabinet that had been put in my closet but wasn't being used efficiently...it was holding linens...but there will be a new linen cabinet installed elsewhere in the house so we'll get that all sorted out.

My plan for the white bins..which I'm still working on is to have similar bins to the blue ones..but for unlisted flatware.
Sometimes pieces in a certain pattern aren't worth listing until you get more than one or at least 3 or 4. I need  a place to hold them where I can find them again. So when I get more, I actually know that I already have some!
I also have a few sets of smaller drawer type bins that will hold the singles or pairs that get listed. Because some pieces are definitely worth listing singly!
For example...sterling!

This is my 3rd piece of sterling silver flatware I found recently...either thrown into the bins at Goodwill or hanging in a bag at Value Village. You just never know. 

So that's my system. Can't wait to get it fully implemented...it'll make me feel a whole lot better about everything. Plus I can just grab a white bin when I need to list..and see what's ready to go.

Stay tuned for a Spoils of Thrift post tomorrow or Monday...found something fun that already sold!! And a story of how offering great customer service can just be rewarding for everyone!
Thanks for reading!

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