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Time to Wake Up and Smell the Coffee

Mmm...smell the coffee...
     So I was working on listing this mug today and I thought I'd just share the research I found. (In case you missed my last post, I found this on one of my recent thrifting adventures.
Here's the description from my listing:
"This fabulous cross-collectible Horizon Air mug advertises its partnership with Starbucks Coffee Company.
On Feb 1, 1990, Horizon Air became the first airline in the world to serve Starbucks Coffee on its flights.
"The first airline to wake up and smell the coffee". 
The logo used for Starbucks is the earlier, full body mermaid one that was in use during this time period and was retired in 1992."

The information about the Starbucks logo, I got from this article/graphic on www.brandautopsy.com
Maybe its from living in Starbucks-Land and drinking Starbucks Sumatra Coffee (we've found Sumatra to be less acidic and more compatible with our stomachs....but I digress....) but I find anything to do with Starbucks history fascinating!!! It's not even old history but it's very relevant to my life and so it connects.

The other thing I wanted to finish up with was my mention the other day of clarifying what was happening with the blog. I ran out of time that day so here we go.
Like I said in last week's post,
"What I will NOT do:
What I MAY do:

So what that first point under "What I May Do" means is that I'm thinking of switching the blog over to Wordpress. I think it's time for my blog to "grow up" and get a bit more professional looking if I want to keep going with it. There are features that I like on other people's blogs that I just can't get Blogger to do. I realize its because those other blogs are on Wordpress. So that will meaning buying my own domain too...which has been on my list to do for a long time.
     I've been reading about monetizing my blog. And I really like the idea of not selling out when you do it. I won't promote things I don't believe in. I've read stuff in the past about just setting up websites and cramming them full of content and ads and waiting for the clicking and revenue to happen. Not for me.
     I want to continue with my theme. I love vintage and vintage research and I will keep sharing it.
So I may throw in an affiliate link here and there to something on Amazon or Ebay (like I did today with the Starbucks Sumatra coffee...i'm not expecting you to buy it...and if you did, I'd only earn a few pennies...but I wanted you to see what a link could look like).
     And I need to get my Google ads account straightened out. Yes there may be ads again on my site but I will try to keep them as unobtrusive as possible. :)
      So never fear! I was reading a book by Ruth Soukup called "How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul" (link below) and her main takeaway is that if you want to blog about what you love and make money at it....content is king! The content is what will build readership...the traffic is where your money will come from. And its not a quick process. So I need to be patient.
     Makes sense to me. So I will keep adding content and make these changes gradually. And the reason I'm doing it? Because I can justify spending time on this blog if it can help me pay off some debt.

Okay, let me have it! Feedback, opinions...its all good! What do you like in a blog...what annoys you? (as far as ads go). Thanks in advance!!

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