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Spoils of Thrift ~ File This One Under Too Horribly Wonderful to Leave Behind

Love Monkeys on Etsy

     So yes, I've had a few moments, in between listing and battling bronchitis, to hit the thrift stores. Being much more selective...but still. Come on. How could I leave these two behind?? 
My husband said "Ugh" and jumped a bit when I showed him. I guess monkeys are not really his thing. He really hates them. So help me give them a new home! They are in the Etsy shop and if you'd like to share them via social media or however...please do!
I think they have a certain Mid Century Kitsch perfection. The fake fur just tops it all off.
Anywho, here's a quick run down of some of my other recent finds...and I'll end with a bit more information about some of the changes to the blog coming up.

     First off, in my favorite little thrift, I found these Louis L'Amour leatherette books. I've sold some before. Usually if you can get a good lot together....9-10 books at the minimum...you can make a good profit. My last lot of 9 sold for $45.
     And bigger lots would be even better. But keep an eye on your purchase price.
So at my little thrift...I checked one last shelf and couldn't believe it when I saw these books...still in their original mailing envelopes/boxes. I believe this was a Bantam/Doubleday book of the month club type thing. Some of these were not even open yet.
     That's probably why you find collections of varying sizes...depends on how long people stuck with it.
Ok moving along or this will go on forever. 

I was super excited to find this Horizon Air mug. It's a cross collectible and has the early, full body Siren Starbucks logo, dating it to late 1980s, early 1990s. I'll do a bit more research on that.
Only thing better than that is the fact that I found TWO!
     I know some people have a hard time reselling mugs but we seem to do okay. Yes, some mugs sit forever. But another key is that we are extremely selective with our mugs. I love buying and selling mugs and I could easily overrun this place with mugs that would sell one day. So I try to stick to ones that I can get at least $15 to $25, if not higher. 
     Here's another good one we found.
 The other side says "Boeing 747".
 I live in Boeing land and Starbucks land. Gotta take advantage.
Okay...well sometimes a mug is cheap enough and quirky enough that even though I won't make $20 on it...I have to bring it home.
My Kitsch Radar is getting too sensitive, methinks.
A couple more things.
I wasn't going to hit the Goodwill yesterday....but I did. (it's right NEXT to the grocery store...mileage, people, mileage!!)
Good thing. Found these Arabia of Finland dishes.
And one last thing. Bought these for Hubby. He's my hardware guru. 

By trade he's a Finish Carpenter and specializes in high end doors and door hardware. So he loves these kind of finds. I texted him some pictures from the thrift store to double check all was good. I send him a picture of the mortise locks (see? I've picked up some lingo) and he said "Yes Please!!!"
Okay...I've got to get going so the future of the blog update will have to wait a bit.

Have you gotten out and gone thrifting? Or have you been snowed in?

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