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Spoils of Thrift: Yes, I'm Buying My Flatware by the Bucketful Now

So even though I do have mountains of flatware I'm wading through...the flatware bins are still one of my go-to sections at the thrift store. Yes, its a sickness, lol.
But I found some good stuff and could not leave it.

Plus, selling flatware really is one of my solid niches. I know that if I gave it the time it deserves it could easily help us knock out some of our debt and build up our savings. I just have to organize myself a bit more and work on all of this OTHER stuff that has accumulated over time.

One of the main patterns I found this time was one that looked like this:

It's by MSI (Merchandise Service Inc) and it's vintage.
I know MSI is not one of the brands I've mentioned in Part 1 of my Flippin' Flatware series, but I know from experience that this pattern is fairly sought after by the Etsy/Vintage crowd. It's not high dollar stuff but I found 45 pieces and it'll add up.
And why not? Look at it! It's awesome.
Now, the nice thing about MSI is they like to print their pattern name right on the pieces. Sweet!
This one is called "Danika". Another popular one by them is "Versailles".

So this was an easy pattern ID.
As a reminder, here's how I identify my flatware when it's NOT printed right on it: Flippin' Flatware Part 2  I really need to re-do that post...the Replacements website has revamped and my screenshots are outdated.  Oops. Same concept though.
I've listed this pattern in my Etsy shop and am hopeful for some quick sales. As of right now, no other Danika is listed on Etsy!
I will keep you posted.
Oh and by the way, I've been playing around with backgrounds for my flatware listings. Most of the time I use this dark one. (it's a leftover piece of countertop laminate, lol)

I got tired of that though and it's kind of getting dirty.
For these Danika listings I'm trying out a grey posterboard. I like it...especially for when the listing is open and you're looking at it up close. I'm just afraid the overall effect is too BLAH. Especially when buyers are scrolling through search results on Etsy or Ebay.
What do you think?
 Maybe I should look for a nice soft blue....

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