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You Knew It Was Coming....Too Bad I'm a Dork

See the first part of the story here.
Okay. So I caved. I went by my little thrift and it was still there. I gave Hubby a chance to refuse me, but he rarely does, so via text I got permission to pick it up.
I was excited.
Visions of cleaning it up and taking fabulous pictures and showing y'all...just HOW worth it it was.
So I'm cleaning away...and....
....zoop! There goes the lid...right off the counter and onto my kitchen floor.
Now, most models I find online of these have an all stainless or chrome lid. Nope. Not mine.
All plastic.
Brittle plastic.
The lid shattered.
Okay, approaching this philosophically...(otherwise I'd be crying)...now my decision is clear.
Part it out.
So following the advice of a commenter on the previous post...I took my pictures right away and my goal is to get everything listed tonight.
I will get most of my money from the sugar and creamer set and the tray.

Not exactly what I had pictured. Did I learn my lesson?
That remains to be seen....but probably not!! That's why it's an adventure!

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