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What to Do, What to Do??


There's a thrift store near me that has this Sunbeam Coffeemaster set. At least I think it's still there. 
Anyway. It took me a few visits to confirm that it's complete..and how it fits together. It turns out that it is what's known as a 'vacuum brewer'. 
See what's got me drooling is that the whole set is there. Coffee maker, tray, sugar bowl, creamer.
It is gorgeous in its Art Deco-ness. 
The price has even been dropped once. I think the thrift store wants to move it. I went one time on my normal visit and it was gone off the shelf and I thought "phew...now I don't have to debate buying it anymore". Then as I was leaving I saw it at its newer price and stuffed into a bottom shelf. 
The only thing that held me back those times was money. This little thrift only takes cash or check and I didn't have enough of one and I never carry the other around. 
I went home and researched every time. 
I learned more about it.
I saw that complete sets were rare-ish...and that I could probably do better on the selling price than the few that I saw.
But even if not, I could divide it up and make good money on just the creamer and sugar!!
However, I love keeping sets together so I would only do that as a last resort. 

So why the hesitation? 
*Well..I think its my mood. I've had less time for the Online Reselling biz lately...and so I've been reevaluating inventory. I love finding unique, vintage items. But starting from scratch on each listing takes a lot of time. The busier I am in 'regular' life, the more productive and streamlined I have to be while I'm working. It becomes more of a *job* and less of a fun hobby that makes me money and I can take my time researching each item. 
So I'm thinking of narrowing my niches more. Smalls. Vintage sewing patterns, flatware, mens neckties, jewelry, coffee mugs...that kind of thing.
Enough variety I won't get bored. But easy enough to grab 5 'like' items and blast out some listings.
And easy shipping. Hubby is busy too and if we can blast out shipping in 20 minutes as opposed to an hour and a half...that's ideal.
*This Sunbeam set is bulky and I'll have to store it until I can find the right buyer.
*I have enough stuff to already list!!! I am backlogged for quite awhile!! Streamlining my inventory is all well and good but I have a bunch of bulky 'fun' stuff to get rid of first. Adding another space-taking one of a kind item in is not helping me!!
*Maybe I'm just burning out a bit.

Sigh. See my dilemma? All perfectly valid reasons....
but I WANT it!! lol. I want to be the one to sell it. What is wrong with me!? This picking, reselling life is burned into my soul by now I guess.

I guess I can hope the set is picked up by another discerning buyer before I go back next time. (cuz you know I will go back! lol)  If so, I will definitely have mixed feelings. 
What would you do?

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