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We Are Home and a Fun Time Was Had by All...

Lucy! We're home!!
Like the end of any vacation..its full of mixed emotions. The boys were troopers but I think they were ready to get home and back to their 'stuff' and their somewhat normal routines.
We did quite a bit in a week.
We went sightseeing...
Lewis and Clark Caverns

We went camping... (one night instead of two...cut short by rain and the outdoor rock concert right down the road that no one thought to mention. It started at 10pm and went on until the wee hours...Maybe in a camper or cabin it wasn't so bad...but a tent offered no protection from the sad Journey covers I had to put up with. And I love Journey.)

Got to see some Montana 'Big Sky'...
And we visited with family.
Of course we went thrifting. The top photo is a selection of *some* of the thrift stores we hit along the way...and the way back.
If you followed me on Instagram...you probably saw some of these pics already..but here are some of the 'finds' highlights...
 This one's for me: a Seattle World's Fair souvenir glass. I hope to find the whole set one day...

 Can't resist a good office lamp! Especially one that folds down!!

On our way home we finally entered the land of Value Village again and found a few fun things. A wooden spoon marked "Denmark", a Taylor & Ng L'Agneau trivet, a cobalt blue Blenko water pitcher...and that little bunny you can hardly see is a Hagen-Renaker Designer's Workshop figurine. Her name is Molly, according to my partial sticker.
I didn't find Molly in my California Pottery book..but I did find more Designer's Workshop examples as well as some history. This is the book I have:
I love just browsing through it and books like it...it's one way I help develop my 'eye' for thrifting.

Anywho...the thrifting was good. When we visited my in-laws, my MIL was nice enough to let us 'thrift' in her backlog of inventory. She also sells on Etsy (see her shop 3 Montana Girls here) although she hasn't been able to do much lately. She has *promised* to get listing again....(I only mention this because she reads my blog and this is a gentle nudge. lol)
I haven't even begun to unpack the rest of our finds yet...will work on that this weekend. I'll try to share anything else that was noteworthy. I did pick up some flatware!! You know me and my flatware love... (See Flippin' Flatware Part One, Two, and Three for some selling flatware tips).
Okay...back to work. Laundry and unpacking...at least we already got shipping done this morning. I kept my stores open for the week...the next post will be about how that worked out and some tips that helped. Also..look for some Selling on Etsy posts in the near future.

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