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Spoils of Thrift


Just a quick post today..just trying to get back into the swing of posting regularly. I've got some cool things I've come across lately..so I hope to get to those this week.

In the meantime, I have to thank loyal blog reader Clamco (see their blog..HERE) for some indirect help on the above dinnerware I found this evening while on a quick thriftrun. Yes, more dinnerware. I know, its nuts. Since my last batch of Denby isn't even listed yet. Okay, deep breath.

But back to the dinnerware. I spied this pile of dishes at Value Village and knew enough to flip them over to check the mark. Sure enough. Dansk Designs Denmark. Sweet.

See, a few weeks ago I found some Dansk Japan BLT stoneware dinner plates and mentioned them here. We Are: clamco commented on the post and mentioned their Dansk Blue Mist ramekin cups. Looking at their listing ((Check it out here: Dansk Ramekins )) impressed the pattern into my brain. So I could do an instant ID in the store and a quick check on my phone. If the Dansk + Denmark wasn't enough to sway me, seeing someone sell 4 dinner plates for $200 certainly was!
Let's see..anything else worthy of note recently?
I love this little glass paperweight or figurine by Lindshammar Sweden. Seems to be a harder to find design.

Lindshammar Viking Ship

The Scandinavian finds continued with this sweet pitcher by Arabia of Finland.

Arabia of Finland chicken milk jug

A David Stewart for Lion's Valley cat planter that almost didn't make it to the store's inventory...hmmm...

Cat planter

What else? Did I show you this Pyrex casserole? It's called Mod Kitchen and one of my favorite designs. 

Pyrex Mod Kitchen

Okay, that's all I can share for now. Downton Abbey starts in about 9 minutes. Since I'm actually watching it this season...and not just waiting until it comes to Netflix or Amazon...it puts pressure on me to keep an eye on the clock! 

Can't wait to see what y'all found!
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