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Spoils of Thrift: Denby Stoneware Super Haul


Okay, so much for the thrifting fast. I tried to be really good. I didn't go all week. Then I talked to Hubby and he said he didn't so much mean a 'thrifting fast' as just a....'thrifting diet'. And more exercise...er..um...listing!
And so, no surprise, while we were out doing errands, Friday night found us at the thrift store. I was kind of meandering the store, not in my usual order (or else I would have seen these already) when Hubby texted me to come over to the dishes. When I got there, he had about half of these in his cart.

I knew they looked awesome, but didn't know exactly what they were. So I flipped one over. At the same time, Hubby said one word. "Denby". He said, "I assume you want them". 

How well he knows me. :) Plus he just packaged and shipped 3 of these mugs for me this week:

They were listed less than a day and all went to the same person. So he was familiar with the name.

I like Denby pottery. But I will say, not all patterns are created equal. If you find Harlequin footed mugs, they will fly out of your store. Other patterns...not so much. I still pick up most Denby I find.
Surprisingly enough, the above pattern doesn't show the greatest sell-through on Ebay. But that's okay. The pattern is called Gourmet. These are mid century (discontinued in the 60s) and I think they are pretty awesome. I think my Etsy buyers will too. I don't mind holding on to them until finding the right buyers.

That night was a night for breakables.
I found these glasses too:

They are Seattle Centennial glasses and they are bit hard to find any info on. I'm going to have to do some more digging. I found one that sold so far. I believe they were made for Seattle's centennial celebration that began in 1951.  (just scrolled down far enough on that link and found 2 of my glasses!)
But I haven't found a whole grouping of these for sale, so I'm kind of excited. I have 10. Eight unique ones and 2 doubles.

They show things like "Landing at Alki" and "Battle of Seattle" and "Chief Seattle" and "Rush for Gold"

Anywho, I dig vintage Seattle things so I was happy about that find.
We also saw these dinner plates that night.

At first, I saw "Dansk" and thought they were interesting, but it also said "Japan".

I usually only get excited when I see "Denmark" with the word "Dansk". But something was ringing a bell and so I did a quick search on my phone. Sure enough, these plates are pretty sought after and are part of the BLT line. I've sold some of the BLT Bronzestone mugs before, so that's probably why they rang a bell.

Anywho, this is what comes of a thrifting fast. :)

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