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Well, we've had some entries into the GIVEAWAY, but there's always room for more! So go ahead and enter if you haven't already! Even if you're not that into owls (horrors!), you may know someone who is...or just go ahead and sell the Owl Salt and Pepper shakers. I get it! I'm a reseller!!

I'm unearthing and listing OWL things all day in the Retro Shop...so keep an eye out! A few things I'll be listing directly here on the blog. There will be a price after the title. That price includes shipping to the US. (if you're out of the country, email me and we'll work out a deal). If you're interested, drop me a line. Hit the Contact Me button on the top of the page to get to my email. 

Here's an example:

This little cutie is by ARTESANIA RINCONADA. I'm not sure of the age, so I'm not putting her into the Retro Shop. But she's an owl and she's still cute! She may be from the 1980s. 
Artesania Rinconada Owl - $15

So here's a glimpse of the items added to the Retro Shop since last night:
Don't forget to use coupon code OWLWEEK2013 for 15% off!

Articulated 4" Owl Pendant Necklace

Brass Owl Letter Opener

Inarco Japan ceramic Votive Holder

1974 Ceramic Owl Votive Holder

Brass Owl Wall Hanging

Have a hootin' good day!!


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