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Whoo's Ready for a Giveaway?? OWL WEEK Is Here!!


Okay, I promise I won't inundate you with "WHOO" and "HOOT" puns all week...but you will be overwhelmed with OWLS!!

Owl Week has begun!

And what better way to start than with a Giveaway! One winner will receive this NOS Salt and Pepper set by Eales!! I think there will be a runner-up...but I'm not sure about the prize yet...just that it will be Owl related...of course!!
Here's a couple more shots of these beauties.

Okay! So here's how to enter: (leave a comment for each of the following steps ~ Winner will be randomly chosen from the comments on Friday, March 15)

I think that's it.
I'm so excited about this week!

Coming up for tomorrow...Owls in the Retro Shop! (OWL WEEK already has its own category!)
I have a great collection of vintage owls that I've found and they'll be added to the Retro Shop all week. 

(PSST!! Stay tuned for a special COUPON CODE to be released tomorrow for your Owl Shopping pleasure!)

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