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OWL WEEK ~ Latest Additions to the Retro Shop Plus a COUPON CODE

Mexican Pottery Tonala Owl--SOLD!!

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As promised, lots of fun vintage OWL additions (found on my thrifty adventures) to the Retro Shop this week. Here's the kickoff!

Isn't this Tonala Mexican pottery owl great?? Love this. One of my favorites actually for the week. It's about 5" tall so a nice hefty piece that would work great as a bookend or paperweight.

Green Ceramic Owl sugar bowl

Next up is this retro green ceramic sugar bowl! Made in Japan. Doesn't it just scream 1970s?? But curiously still very current.

Metal and Ceramic Owl Pendant Necklace

And last but not least is this Owl pendant necklace. The belly is actually ceramic! But I love that design on it...I'm sure no two of these ended up alike. It's a nice size...about 2.25".

And here you go: A coupon code for all you faithful readers! 
Enter OWLWEEK2013 at checkout to receive 15% off any OWL item. (ssshhh...don't tell but it'll actually work in the whole store)

Well, that's just the tip of the owl beak, so to speak. Lots more Owl-y goodness coming up this week.
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