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Catching Up

But first my apologies. I can't believe it's almost been a MONTH since I posted last. Unbelievable. All I can say is, my oldest started Kindergarten and I'm adjusting to a new schedule. When I have free time (Little Man is at school and Littler Man is napping)...I need to list things. Then I spend the rest of the day snatching listing time in between housework, cooking, family time..and so on. It's not an unfamiliar story for most of you.
Then it's about 8:30 pm...Littlest Man is heading to dreamland for the night (whoo hoo! here's to more than 4 hours uninterrupted sleep!) and Little Man is reading books with Dad...it's time for me to work again. And I feel like I have to list.
Of course, I have been shopping. Which has got to stop..or at least slow down. :)
We went to the Ocean this weekend..it was so nice~our weather is holding out so long into the fall this year...very unusual for the NW. I even listed some things and sold them while I was there. It helps when there are 5 other people to hold Baby all day.
We hit some garage sales and my favorite little ocean thrift store. Found some cool stuff I'll share soon.
What else is new?
Oh, I've been busy at my booth in town. Sales were slow in September, so we rearranged a bit. That always helps...it led to some sales and I sold a large piece (that vintage vanity) that had been in there for awhile.

Hubby made me some more shelves out of old doors. It felt good to move things around.

 I also worked out a deal with my landlord there to sell stuff for her online in exchange for rent. Another idea I had, and to which she agreed, was to handle some of her marketing for her. Now I put about 5 Craigslist ads in per week in exchange for about 1/2 my rent. My goal is to cover my rent completely. Then anything I make there is actually profit. Then I can justify continuing to do it. I'm online anyway, so fitting in some CL ads and listings for my landlord is pretty easy.

What else? I have a few other things I'm working out about my online selling...aren't we always? I closed my Ebay store, ran some auctions, decided I liked having the store, reopened it....
But one thing I decided...I really think I'm going to focus on flatware for my Ebay store. I'd like to just focus on maybe flatware, mugs and a few pieces of clothing. I listed some flatware on our trip and I sold these pieces a day later:

 Oneida Mozart forks
Lauffer Vantage fork

All of it sold for a total of about $55. Easy to store, easy to ship.
I've always shied away from a real niche...but I think I need to get serious if we want to reach any of our financial goals with this business. I can have fun with my vintage stuff on Etsy.
But in the meantime..I've got a backlog of other STUFF to list so I'd better get busy.
Thanks for listening and I'll keep you posted!

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