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A Thrifting Weekend


So The Fam and I got a chance to get away this weekend...not too far, but to an easy, no-brainer, kinda getaway place: Ocean Shores, WA. It's a small coastal town where the highlights are go-carts and searching for intact sand dollars on the beach. (I found 3)
Every February, the local Convention Center hosts an Antiques and Collectibles show. Which is why we picked this past weekend for our jaunt.
The show is always fun to poke around, although my 3 year old kept asking, "where's the show? I wanna see the show!" I think he was expecting the vendors to break out into song and dance.


Found a few things among the booths that I decided to bring home. The old photos in the picture have their own story, which I'll tell in a future post.

The highlight of our thrifting happened, as it usually does, at the small thrift store that supports a local kitchen. It's right next door, as a matter of fact. I love this thrift store. The prices aren't marked, but most things are about .25 to .50!! Clothing and shoes are about a dollar. (Scored some Dr. Martens)


So I had my pile up on the counter...where the tally was at about $3.50 when I said "oh yeah, I have this typewriter" (props to Hubby for spotting it on a top shelf...I had some mysterious typewriter blindness when I was in that section) and the cashier said "ok..make it an even $5". Seriously?? A vintage MADE IN ITALY OLIVETTI manual typewriter for $1.50????


So I told Hubby..."Go get the other one too". He went and got the Mod looking Royal typewriter and I told the cashier to take $5 for it. It made me feel a bit better. I'll post a picture of that one later, when I get it listed.

We ended up at that thrift twice this weekend. The second time we got a few books to read and Hubby spotted some vintage Merrell cross country skiing boots. A recent pair sold for $60 on Ebay. Hubs was quite proud of himself and I guess he paid his way on this trip. :)

Of course we hit a few thrifts on the drive to and from and found a few interesting things. Some Bakelite handled kitchen pieces, vintage Max Factor cologne and some so-so clothing that was on the 3/$1 rack.

The hurricane winds and rain on Saturday gave way to a bit of sunshine on Sunday so we did actually get some fresh air. Little Man got to build his sandcastles and I looked for rocks and sand dollars. It was a good weekend.
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