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The Week at the Retro Shop


Although I had a couple good days selling on Ebay this week, I'm deciding more and more to focus where my true interest lays. Lies. Lay. Grammar used to be my strong point. I guess childbirth destroys brain cells.

Anyway, my true interest is vintage.

All kinds of vintage. I know I've been thinking out loud lately about what I want to do and directions I want to take things. Especially in this post. Y'all were really helpful.
And I've been hashing things out with Hubby. I had ideas that involved keeping the Retro shop but filling it only with supplies. Opening another vintage shop on Etsy...with a coffeeshop theme and having a blog to match that..there was more to it and I was getting excited....but...
It was all really complicated.
And I realized that I've built the "Recycleista" brand. And I really shouldn't branch out too much...since I know from the past that spreading myself too thin doesn't work. So I really just want to give the Retro Shop my all and see what happens.
I would love for it to take off and I could deal with Ebay a lot less.

I did have good sales on Etsy this week and so I think it's possible. The more attention I give it, the better it does. Fancy that!
I sold this today:

Love it!
You may have also noticed that I changed the look of my blog. Not sure I'm totally in love. But I wanted something simpler. The blog will focus more on vintage. Not so much about the thrifting side...although if I have a good day, I'm sure you'll hear about it!
I took out some links and things...but I'll slowly add them back in. Reference sites and other blogs to check out. Things like that. Anyway, I'm sure that'll be a constant work in progress. Any and all feedback is appreciated.
So what did I add to the Retro Shop this week?

French Enameled Cast Iron is always good. It just says "Made in France" but it's a Le Creuset lookalike. Can it still be Le Creuset? I wonder.

Another cute little stoneware figurine / bud vase.

And some great vintage novelty juvenile fabrics. I've got some more to add, but that's a good start.

There was more, but this post has gotten too long. Thanks for reading!

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