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Random Thoughts

I have so many random thoughts in my head, I kept putting off doing a blog post. I couldn't seem to figure out what to write about. Finds, listing, sales, lack of sales...

Unfortunately, I've been the same way about my online selling endeavors lately too. Maybe it's lack of sleep.

Let's see if my scattered thoughts will allow me to explain.

I keep feeling like I need to focus my efforts better.

I feel like I have too much stuff...but I keep shopping. For example, I want to clearance out a bunch of stuff, but then I go to Goodwill the same day and see these:
I can't resist. I had read a long time ago that Springbok circular puzzles were a BOLO (Be On LookOut- for you newer resellers). Never found one. So here are 2 circular and 4 octogonal. I can't resist. Even though, they take up a ton of room. Even though, I don't know if they're complete. Even though, I now need to sell them quickly since they take up room and I don't want to put them all together to see if they're complete. Even though...anyway, you get the idea. I bought them anyway. I hope it pays off. (Note: I've never seen these before, but since I bought these, I found 2 more at 2 different thrifts. But I resisted. I did NOT bring them home. Yay me.)

I feel like I should center my efforts on more specific niches..but I'm afraid I'll get bored. For example, I like finding and listing flatware. I have enough already in my 'stashes' that I could open an Ebay store. I could probably do pretty well. If I didn't get bored. And if I saw these red Danskos at Goodwill like I did yesterday,

would I be able to pass them by? Probably not. Which is why I end up selling a little of everything...which means inventory surpassing my storage. It also means having every size box and every size bubble wrap and peanuts and bubble mailers...etc...etc... I could just sell silverware. Or vintage jewelry. How easy would that be? Hmm...

I don't feel like my Etsy shop is what I want it to be. But I'm not sure what that is. I'm slowly getting some ideas together...very foggy. My tastes are eclectic and I think I need to embrace that. I love mid century stuff, but my area thrifts are not gold mines for that kind of thing. A few pieces here and there, yes. I also love industrial. And to a certain extent, shabby chic. And kitschy stuff can be fun. More on these thoughts later...

I'm not sure my blog has a point. Some people have reselling blogs. Teaching people how to resell. Some people have thrifting blogs, sharing what they see or find. Some people have blogs directly related to their shops, to drive traffic and customers to their listings. I don't know what kind of blog mine is..or what I want it to be.

Writing some of this out has helped already and I'm sure I'll be exploring the subjects more in the future. If you've read this blog for awhile, you'll know my identity crisis is nothing new!

Other resellers...do you go through things like this? Or is your selling identity well defined?

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