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A Vintage Weekend

Well, I said I wasn't going to spend too much time blogging about my finds...but sometimes I'm just too excited and I need to share.

Back almost a year ago I was blogging about Figgjo Flint. Check that post out. See those dinner plates? In the second picture? I never got them.

But look what I found yesterday!!

It was one of those moments when I stared blankly at the pile of dishes without it quite registering what I was looking at. Then the excitement mounted as something tugged at my memory. Turned it over and saw the Turi Design, Figgjo Flint mark!! So exciting.

These dishes will probably end up in The Retro Shop after all, because I have a new plan for my dishes which I will talk about later this week.

I actually got to go yard sale-ing by myself on Friday morning. Hubby was home and our little town was having a Backyard Blowout town wide yard sale deal. I was able to hit a bunch of stuff and stop home to feed my Littlest Man very conveniently.

It was a vintage kind of weekend. (hit some more sales with Hubby yesterday and a thrift we hadn't been to before).
Here are some of the things I found that I've managed to photograph so far. Even posted a few for sale already.
 Family tree photo display...complete with ready made family!!

 I love New Old Stock vintage. 
Car visor organizer.

 Not exactly the motif of my kitchen...but someone may have an imprisoned-princess-holding-a-poisonous-plant theme going on....
Cast iron trivet made in Japan.

The stems on these retro sunglasses are as cool as the cat's eye shape itself!

 Vintage metal 8mm film reel case. The last one of these I had ended up as a movie prop..so you never know!

The next few things I got were larger lots where I paid one price and I'll probably sell them individually or in smaller sets.
Vintage greeting cards.

Vintage drawer/cabinet hardware

And one more that was one of my favorites!
Check out this kitschy cute little girl's jewelry/trinket music box! Made in Japan. 

And the inside.....

There was more...but I haven't had time to take pictures yet. I'll try to share them as I list them!

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