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The Week in Reselling - 6/29/2012


A quick recap, since I should go to bed. Ebay continues to be slow, Etsy sales trickle in. The more attention I give the Retro Shop, the better it does! Go figure!

I sold the above puzzles this week. You'll remember from this post, that I was so disgusted with myself for buying them. I didn't want to put them together and I didn't want to store them. It was a total impulse buy based on excitement from finding a BOLO item. Yes, I know they can do well separately. Point was, I was (and still am to an extent) tired of things sitting around until they sell. Must have something to do with the summer slowdown. When it feels like nothing is moving, you don't want more to sit around.

So, I took an offer for these. Someone just added to their collection at a great price, or maybe they will 'flip' them. Whatever. I made a profit. Everyone is happy. And I hadn't even gotten around to putting them away yet. Even better.

On Etsy, I was glad to finally sell this mid-century decorating book. It's the Better Homes and Gardens one with the turquoise cover. It took a few months, but it's finally on its way to a new home.

I listed a couple brass animals in the Retro Shop. These always sell pretty well for me. If I could find enough, I would stock a whole shop with them and call it The Brass Menagerie. Ha. By the time I did it, the demand for these would probably be over and then where would I be?

I sold this one today.
Pretty funky donkey, I was tempted to keep it!

Other than that, it's been a fairly quiet week. Coming up, I'll be letting you know about some ideas I have for the Retro Shop. Some changes and some new directions. I'm excited.

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