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Vintage Finds


I'm a little behind in the blogging department, but what else is new? October is here. I've been busy listing (see post below). But of course that doesn't mean there isn't time to shop.

Last weekend I hit a thrift store I go to a little less often and it was PACKED. With people and stuff. Here are a few of the vintage finds Hubby and I found.

The tray pictured above is glass, with an amazing illustration on it. It's unsigned unfortunately, so my research has kind of hit a dead end with that one. Look familiar to anyone?

Vintage Yellow Descoware Pot Made in Belgium

More Descoware! This time in a sunny yellow.

Vintage Fondue Forks with Stand

I found my first fondue stand. Not that I was actively looking, just had never run across one before. It came in it's original box, but it was kind of beat up, so it's not photo worthy. It also came with extra forks, which I'll be listing separately.

Toleware Bar Tray

I also found this round metal bar tray. The design is very Peter Hunt, but I can't confirm that it's one of his designs. One thing about finding vintage, the necessary research opens me up to a diverse amount of information!

At a different thrift, I found this camera. It's a non-folding version of the camera I talked about here. This one came with a huge Polartronic flash. It needed a bit of work which Hubby did last night. We've confirmed it works and so I'll list it today. It's worth more than the camera! Which has sold already.

At the same thrift as the Polaroid, I found this Dymo label maker with it's original box. It has tape and a CURSIVE cartridge. Way cool. This one sold this morning.

I could probably go on all day with vintage things I've found recently, but I'd better get listing!

What about you? What have you found??

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