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Thrifting Tip~ No One Can Know Everything About Everything


No one can know everything about everything. Most of the time, this is the frustration I face when I'm out thrifting. I have many niches, (pretty much anything that'll turn a buck) but I know I'm passing things on the shelves and tables that are worth more. I just don't know it. Google and my Droid are helping though.

But what I'm talking about here is the fact that not every Thrift Store pricer, garage sale Owner, even Professional Estate Sale....runner...person...dealer...guy can know everything about everything that they put out.

And occasionally, that works to our advantage.

I went to an estate sale last Friday that was put on by family members. However, the nephew running the sale was in the BIZ. He holds Estate Sales for a living. So it was pretty professional. I approached the tent outside the house about 2 pm and took a look at the expensive jewelry, antiques and doodads that were in the glass cases. Prices were high...pretty much at retail.

Things were fairly picked over inside the house and what was left was expensive. I'm sure other 'pickers' were waiting for 20% off Saturday or 50% off Sunday.

Then I saw the above camera. It's a Polaroid SX-70 Sonar Folding Land Camera. And it had a nifty over the shoulder carrying case. It was $6.

Check Etsy for these and they are mostly all listed at about $100. They're a little bit less on Ebay.

I came home and listed mine for about $70 on Etsy (condition issues...and I can't test it...no film) and I sold it today.

So my point is, not everyone can know everything about everything. I don't. I just happen to know that Polaroid cameras aren't just old cameras. There are several desirable models and folding land cameras are one of them. Last time I saw a similar one at an Estate Sale, the owners had it priced at $150!! At an Estate Sale!! So that dealer knew. This one didn't.

Just a quick tip to remind you that there's usually 1 or 2 items at every sale or store that is underpriced. And we get the fun of finding it!!

What about you? What was your best under-the-radar item??

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