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An October Update

Well, October has been busy, just not in the way I expected. I started off pretty good with listing and I had great intentions.
Then. Life. Happened.

But it's a good thing! Last week, Hubby and I discovered that I'm expecting. Whoo hoo!! Little Man is going to be a big brother!! He will have someone to share his thrifting expertise with!

So we're excited.

But a very strange thing happened. I don't feel like working. HA!

I'm very fortunate, I know, in the Morning Sickness department. I've heard stories of women who have hurled EVERY DAY of the First Trimester. And sometimes longer. I didn't throw up once with my first pregnancy and not so far yet either. (Although it was close at an overcrowded greasy spoon breakfast place on Sunday morning)

But I'm tired. Painfully tired. I have slight nausea (mostly indigestion), heartburn, etc. But most of all, I have an overwhelming fatigue. Fatigue of the body and the brain. I haven't felt like listing or photographing or researching or anything. I just want to lay on the couch with a book.

I've managed to get outside and enjoy our short-lived sunshine. Little Man has been getting a lot more of my attention...playing with him is do-able for parts of the day.

I'm trying not to stress about it. Although we are going to need the money. I know this initial phase will pass and I'll be unstoppable!

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