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It's Gonna Be a Busy October!!


Note: So although I like the alliteration of Mid Century Mondays, I'm thinking that Monday might not be the best day for that series. I like sharing my weekend finds at the beginning of the week and there are some Monday linky parties that I enjoy participating in. So I'll let you know where Mid Century Mondays finds a new home.

Today is just a quick post to let you know how busy this month will be!! I"m joining in 2 listing challenges and contests. It's all about getting the merchandise out there and FOR SALE!! It can't be bought if no one can see it!

The first is a contest over at Ebay Underground. It's called the "Get Your Rear in Gear" Listing Contest. You can read the rules there. Feel free to join in. (You'll have to join this ProBoards group if you're not already a member. Let me know if you have problems.)
Not sure of the prizes, but there will be some good ones. You can join as a Part Time Reseller, or Full Time. So you won't be competing against people who have a lot more time to list than you do.

The second Listing Challenge is put on by Apron Thrift Girl. You can see her explanation on her site. She'll be officially starting it tomorrow but its for the month of October. I have to think about specific goals that I want to accomplish.

So you'll see I'll be busy this month! Perfect timing for the best selling season of the year!!

What are your reselling goals for October??

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