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A Thrifting Reveal

I know, I know, why in the world do I have a Finds post, when I blogged here about my thrifting diet???

Well, I do have a good explanation.


Well, everything does fit into my criteria set up by myself and Hubby. Most of it is for my booth. Or it's a sure thing that will sell well. So there. Our town had a city-wide yard sale this weekend so I didn't even have to drive far or spend a lot of time. As you can see from the above picture, I did get mostly vintage items. Although I did find a pair of Merrells, and some Winnie-the-Pooh hand puppets for Little Man. The brass deer I've sold before on Etsy and they are already listed there.

These radios are transistors and will be great for the 'Man-tique' shelf in my booth. The little blue one goes in the small leather case...and the ear-piece/headphone is still in the little holder!!

These 2 items were in the dollar box. So while I didn't know much about them, I decided to go for it since they were vintage and in the box with instructions! One of them is a hand embroidery 'machine' from the 1930s, I believe. The other one is labeled as a massager from the 1950s. Research shows me that it's actually a quackery collectible! It's a type of electro-shock therapy do-it-yourself scary thing. Quack Medicine items are very collectible.

I found these buttons at another yard sale. Hard for me to resist old buttons! The card on the left is mostly black glass buttons with a few rubber buttons. The other card however has a nice selection of cut steel buttons which sell really well.

My last highlight is this vintage, unused Pals n Gals Pasteup Book, or scrapbook. The picture on the cover is amazing!! I love the fact it was never used!! Soon to hit my Etsy shop.

I think the only other items I didn't mention was a glass juice pitcher and a 1930s yearbook from Fresno, CA.

BUT, what I'm super-duper excited about was an estate sale I hit yesterday, just as it was ending. I don't have pictures yet..but I scored the MOST AMAZING ITEMS. Almost for free. I had to give them some money, since the value of what I found was pretty high and my conscience would bother me. Stay tuned...I'll blog about that later once I take the pictures!! It was a Thrifting Adventure you only dream about!!

What did y'all find???

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