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On a Thrifting Diet

No this is not a stock photo. Yes, this is my cat. Her name is Fatty. Obviously, that was not her original name, since she wasn't this...um...'fluffy'..when she was born. We named her Emma when we first got her and the terribly demeaning, self-esteem destroying nickname came along a bit later. What can I say? She's happy.

But I'm not here to talk about my cat. I just don't like to do a blog post without a photo. I have put on a few pounds as well...but you certainly weren't going to see a photo of me! I'm not on a diet. I'm just watching what I eat and trying to exercise more. What? ...that's a diet? Well fine then.

I've also put on a few pounds in another sense. I have POUNDS of inventory to take care of. Between selling on consignment, the yard sale season and a few recent inventory-acquiring vacations...I have a bit too much stuff right now. We were cleaning up for company this weekend and I told my husband.."That's it. I'm not going to shop for inventory any time soon". He said, "Promise?".

Which is funny, cause he's not any better than I am. He just works all day and doesn't have the thrifting opportunities that I do.

But he already started giving me 'outs'. He said, "No thrifting....UNLESS....the item is a sure thing and will sell for decent money.". HA! He assumes I'll still be in the thrift stores. But that's like sending a dieter into Dunkin Donuts and telling them not to buy anything.

I will still get thrifting fixes because I'll still hit yard sales. It's the season, and I have a booth to fill. At least that inventory will go right back out and not need a spot in the house.

I don't know. Being on a real diet and a thrifting diet at the same time could be a bit of a drag. Then I realized, no thrifting for inventory, but there's no reason I can't thrift for myself!!

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