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Second Chances

Earlier this week, when I was posting my finds, I mentioned a brooch at the thrift store that I had noticed, but hadn't purchased. Then I got home, researched, and (mentally) kicked myself. The thrift was closed for a couple days, so I returned early yesterday to see if the brooch was still there.
I walked in and there's a woman at the jewelry cabinet, HOLDING MY BROOCH! I saw her put it down but I knew it wasn't safe yet.
Since there really wasn't room to hover, I decided to check out the rest of the store and check for my other near-miss. A Polaroid Cool Cam I had seen another day. I had managed to remember at home to check sales on those. This one was red, which was a good thing. As you can see from the picture below, it was still there. I know, I know, RED! Total coolness. Not sure why I didn't snatch it up the first time. (Thank goodness for slow turnover at my favorite little thrift!)

I wandered around and picked up a few things and then headed back to the jewelry cabinet. The interloper was gone, and I quickly found my brooch.
Big let down. Closer examination revealed missing stones.
But, being the intrepid thrifter that I am, I still found these other items.

A Mickey Mouse Lorus watch, a spoon locket pendant signed ART (just like the owl), a cool unsigned pendant with herons(?), and a vintage chain with interesting links. Oh and a heart shaped perfume locket pendant.

The day revealed some more second chances. The night before I was at Goodwill, and saw this complete set of My Book House. I'd seen random volumes of these before, but hadn't really researched. I checked Amazon quickly on my phone and liked what I saw. But these were a new version (reprint) and I didn't have time to research more thoroughly. Some of the volumes are still SEALED.
My gut said "get them", but I didn't have a cart and the store was closing. Yada, yada. So I went back Tuesday morning, and yes, they were still there. Now they are mine, and soon (hopefully) to be someone else's.
My second chances don't always work out so well. Usually when my gut says 'buy!' and I don't, the item isn't there the next time. So, I'm slowly learning to trust my gut. As you can see, I've still got aways to go.

Have you ever had a second chance on a thrift store item?

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