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Goodwill Had a Sale This Weekend


Not sure why. They just decided to do 30% off all donated goods for Friday and Saturday. I was underwhelmed. Slim pickings, or maybe I just wasn't 'into' it. But I went and I guess I found more things than I remembered. I won't bore you with my bread and butter pickins. Such as the NWT Quacker Factory sweater, Under Armour shirt, CAbi jacket, vintage hot rollers, etc. These are my 'bread and butter' items since I can flip them and they pay the (some) bills.
No, I'll just show you my fun stuff...some of this I got at my favorite thrift, not at Goodwill.
The top picture up above are the 4 Pottery Barn candle holders I found first thing at Goodwill. Think I'll keep 2 and share 2.


Fabric leftovers. Have a project idea for one of these. Otherwise they can go to my Etsy shop. They are a funky vintage burlap..but I love the floral pattern.


Vintage spiral Golden Preschool Learning books. For my Little Man. He has to look at them nicely so I can resell them later. It's amazing how early kids get the concept. "Are you gonna sell dese, Mama?"


Amazing vintage vanity hand mirror. Goes with my amazing vintage vanity. I still have to blog about that one. Someday, when it's clean. And I can photo it without my reflection getting in it. Or my unmade bed in the background.


Way cool vintage Polaroid with rainbow stripe. Hint: always look for the rainbows!! Comes with soft vinyl case and flash bar and manual. Found at...favorite thrift..not Goodwill!


And these are the little owl pendants I grabbed at my favorite thrift. Got home and found the imperfections. Looks like the enamel owl (signed ART) is missing his tail. DUH!!! And Jumbo owl (unsigned) has some finish issues. So I think I'll sell 'em together and they can be repurposed. I passed up another pendant that I should have grabbed. These owls could've stayed there and I should have gotten the other pendant. It was gaudy. It was signed. It was blingy. What was I thinking?? Or NOT thinking? Oh well. Gotta have the misses to appreciate the hits. But on the bright side...that thrift is closed Sunday and Monday so I'll be there first thing on Tuesday to hopefully reverse my miss!
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