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Portrait of a Family



So I thought I'd follow up right away with the story of the pictures from yesterday's post while it's all still fresh in everyone's mind.
So, like I said, I found these photos at a booth at the Antiques and Collectibles show in Ocean Shores, WA. I love old photos and the price was right, so I picked out a few from the vendor's shoebox.
I knew there were other old photo/cabinet card lovers on Etsy and so I listed the photos right from my hotel room that night.

The photo of the couple in wedding finery was taken in Salt Lake City, UT and had their names on the back, as well as the date, 1902.
The distinguished-looking gentleman had his portrait taken at a studio on Pennsylvania Ave, in Washington DC. I assumed he was a politician, or at least an aspiring one! His name was on the back also, and Google searching didn't reveal anything about him. I did however, learn more about a photographer who apprenticed to the owner of the photography studio....Oh the joys and distractions of Google!!

Monday morning, I wake up back at home and my couple cabinet card has sold! And there's a note: "These are my great-grandparents!!". What???

A longer email from the buyer peppered me with questions..where did I find the photo? Was the bearded gentleman's photo from the same place??

I replied as best I could and volleyed a few questions back in turn. Turns out, the couple HAD lived in WA for a bit, and the great-grandmother had passed away in a town not far from Ocean Shores. And a funny thing...her great-grandmother's maiden name was the SAME as the bearded gentleman's!! Too coincidental to not be a relative.

I also asked how she found my listing so quickly. She replied that a family history researcher in CA contacted her after doing some independant research on my listing and the names involved. So they got a phone call out of the blue saying that there was a listing they might be interested in. Awesome!

I did give her as much info about the vendor as I could, so hopefully she can track him down and get ahold of some more family photos!

My buyer had already purchased the one photo, and I threw the other one of their likely-relative in as well and shipped them off...back to family!
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