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Follow-Up to the New Listing Plan

As you may (or may not) remember from this post, I had come up with a new schedule for listing my items for sale online.
I have 4 online shops and balancing them all is tricky.
It's been almost 4 weeks I guess, so here are my thoughts so far.

Not sure if I like it.

Parts of it are great. The week I focused on jewelry, I felt fine. I didn't have any feelings of guilt that I wasn't listing elsewhere. And I got a lot done.

Then I started Ebay week #1. I wasn't going to do Weeks #1 and #2 consecutively, but that's what happened. I didn't feel like I accomplished enough the first week so I just kept going. Now I'm halfway through the next week and I'm still working on Ebay. It's making me feel overwhelmed.

I know I need to just stop and switch back to Etsy for vintage Vyeshi, but I keep thinking, I just need to list one more sweater....

And Etsy has had a few changes so I know it needs attention. Plus, the nature of the Etsy beast is that if you're not listing, you're not selling. Haven't had a button sale the whole month...cause I haven't been near Pish Posh Notions.

So I'm not sure what to do. Maybe hire someone? Create a clone?

Any ideas?

And DON'T say scale back because that would be admitting defeat.....

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