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Division of Time


One thing I've been battling with lately is balancing everything. Who isn't, right? Specifically, how to handle having 4 different online stores and keeping them stocked.
Add to it my short attention span...and I feel like a hummingbird, flitting from one flower to another. That word picture actually doesn't work, since hummingbirds have WAY more energy than I do. But the flitting idea is right...I do a little bit here and there in my shops, and then a few things sell, and I feel like I'm back to where I started.
So I have a new plan.
Stop the presses.
I have 4 stores. Three on Etsy and 1 on Ebay. I like it that way. I like having my different niches compartmentalized.
There are 4 weeks. See where this is going?
Actually, what I decided is that 1 week is not enough for Ebay. I make the most money there (at least in good months) so I think it will get 2 non-consecutive weeks.
So Pish Posh Notions (vintage buttons) and Grandma's Drawers (vintage jewelry) get to share a week and Vyeshi (vintage everything else) gets a week.
Within each store I will focus on different items. In Vyeshi, I sell vintage hardware, housewares, game pieces, ephemera, etc...So I could pick a few categories for the week and get stocked up. On Ebay, I sell clothing, mugs, housewares, silverware (don't get me started on my stash that needs de-stashing), shoes and whatever else I find.

This week I've been filling Grandma's Drawers. That doesn't sound good, but I hope you know what I mean.

Next week will be an Ebay week. I've got tons of clothing (some on consignment)that needs to be mannequin-ed, photo-ed and list-ed.

My only exception to my plan came from dear hubby. Sure, just when I have a PLAN, he has to come along and make it better. Great. His idea?: When we score an exceptionally good find...list it right away..wherever it goes.

Because the thrifting and treasure hunting goes on, unabated, of course. My schedule for that is: sure, let's go!

So when I found this Barbie Polaroid the other day...

I came home and listed it. And sold it a few hours later for $58.
Darn it, I hate it when hubby's right!

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