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Silverplate Update


Hey that rhymes! Silverplate Update. I guess I have the name of my silverware blog whenever I start one....like never.

Just a quick update since I have a list THIS long (you'll have to imagine the gesture) of things I should be working on...like LAST YEAR's taxes. (Oct 15th is just as annoying as April 15th). But anyway.

So I have most of the flatware from the box (see post below) researched and identified. I have about 1/2 listed. One listing is a fairly big lot, and a few smaller lots. Here's what's listed. If you want to see the listings, they are here.

And so far....

I've sold one lot!! Whoo hoo for me. It's a start.

This is the set that sold.

It sold for $9. Not bad. And it sold pretty quickly.

Silverware (unless it's a high demand pattern...which most of these are not) is like a lot of things on Ebay. It's a waiting game. Gotta wait for the right person to come along.

Thanks for checking in!
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