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The Silverplate Challenge


I found this set of silverplate flatware at a Goodwill awhile back. I paid a bit more than I'm usually comfortable with, but I did it. Getting ready for our (small) yard sale that's happening next Saturday, this case got unearthed again.

I'm not even going to go into the mountains of unlisted items that also got unearthed...that's a whole 'nother depressing blog post.

Anyway, I've had this idea for a bit..to do a silverplate challenge. I'd like to just focus on the pieces in this one box and see what I can 'flip' it for. It will either be a dismal failure or a break even attempt...or maybe, just maybe, a huge success. And you get to share it with me! Aren't you fortunate?

The box has a mixed lot. There are 1847 Rogers Bros pieces as well as Oneida Community..which, incidentally, is why I paid what I did. Those are good brands in the silverplate flatware world. Condition is mostly good..there is some plate loss on some pieces ..but we'll see if that makes a huge difference or not.

There are a few pieces of more unknown silver brands, but I'll see what I can do with them.

So tonight I begin...with actually my favorite part. The research. I'll keep you posted!

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