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Shabby....Not Sure About Chic


Our apartment definitely has the first half down. Shabby. We've been working on the chic part...but I think it's a lost cause. Oh well. Our lease is up in 6 months.

Anyway, because the bathroom is kind of 'mine'...(I've made the boys share the other one. :)) ..it's as 'girly' as I've ever gotten in decorating. And I really haven't done much except buy a toile shower curtain and throw a few thrifted finds together. It's about all the bathroom deserves with its unrelenting neutralness and peeling cabinet doors. (who puts fiberboard doors that swell and peel when wet in a bathroom and kitchen? oh yeah. my apartment complex)

So here's the tableaux.

I just found the shelf at yard sale. $2. I'm so NOT tuned into the fake shabby, chippy look that it didn't even cause a blip on my radar the first time around the sale. Until I realized that it was EXACTLY what I was looking for. The glass knobs even match the hooks on my shower curtain that Hubby made me 'splurge' on. (Come on now, you know everyone has their own level of splurge)

Picture frames. Had these so long...can't even remember where they came from. Thrifted, I'm sure.

Old rusty crusty topped bottles. Yard sale. 75 cents each.

Soap tin. Scored at my big ol' supermarket thrift. See this post below. Not even sure what she charged me. $1 or less. The cat was less than impressed.

Bandage tin. I discovered this in a big bin of stuff some friends gave us to sell for them before we left the NW...guess I'll set a price and buy it from them!

Anywho...decided to go with black and white photos since the lighting in my bathroom is horrid and made the pics so yellow-y. Everything looks better in black and white. Even this apartment.

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