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Dover Supermarket~Home of the One-Eyed Cat


I've mentioned this thrift store before but I thought it deserved an in-depth look. It's in a building that used to be a supermarket, Dover Supermarket. See? Even the sign is cool.

Anyway, the shelves are LOADED with stuff. The new owner, Wanda, has done an amazing amount of work in the last few years cleaning and organizing this place.
Here are some of the shelves:

There are also books.

And dishware.

And mugs.

And clothing.

And coffeepots.

Ok. I'll stop. You have to understand that this only a fraction of what this store contains. It's not just the bookshelves you saw...there are 2 more like that. More mugs, more dishes. More clothing.

Prices are pretty good. Some things are super low...like a garage sale...some are a little high..especially considering condition.
So..before you all get green with envy and are cursing me for having such a (Ebay/Etsy selling) Nirvana on my doorstep...you must realize that MOST of the stuff here is junk. Definitely more 'trash' than 'treasure'.

But that doesn't make the hunt any less fun. After all, this is where I found the expired Polaroid film I sold for $50 and the vintage Ferragamos that I've made about $150 on so far. There is definitely buried treasure in this place!!

Hope you've enjoyed the tour. Next time I'll snap some pics of the more bizarre items...the leftover grocery stock (1970s Nescafe anyone?) and the roll of butcher stickers. All for sale, mind you.

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