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Wednesday's Flip of the Week - Vintage Neckties


This "King Salmon" necktie sale was a bit of a shocker for us. Purchased at the Goodwill Outlet, the tie cost us mere pennies. We bought it on a whim and were pleasantly surprised when it ended at $28. It's swimming its way upstream to Sweden as we speak. A couple Scandinavians got into a bidding war on it...guess they take their fish pretty seriously over there.
But that wasn't our only successful necktie this week. My husband has gotten into this little niche and so he's picked up several in the last few weeks. Fortunately for him, we had some Flips!!

The above ties went to the same buyer. They are vintage wool ties by Pendleton.

Plaid wool ties are definitely something to look out for right now! This tie was also plaid and wool and Ralph Lauren. Not sure that it was vintage though.

But don't discount newer ties as being good sellers as this Brooks Brothers tie shows. It sold for $21.50. It's known as a Repp tie. We'll definitely Be On the LookOut for another one of these!

Don't get me wrong, not all the ties we picked did well. Some sold for less, some not at all. We could probably put the rest in a lot and do ok. But considering that ties are $1-2 at thrift stores and are super easy to ship, they're definitely worth a second look!


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