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Flippin' Flatware ~ Part 1


Awhile back, one of my readers let me know that she had been dabbling in selling flatware and wondered if I had any tips for what brands to look for and organizing. I promised to do a more in-depth coverage of the subject on my blog...so here we go!
I'm such a procrastinator, partly because I'm not sure I have much to share that would actually help anyone, and partly because I want to make sure I do a good job and so I wait for a good block of time to work on it. Well, since that never happens...Hubby finally told me my 'assignment' today is to write the blog post!!
Plus, I get to go thrifting when I'm done. :)

Okay, so a little backstory. I got into selling flatware awhile back. About 10+ years ago, I was new to ReSelling and was only dabbling in it on the side. I was at a Value Village and happened across some silverplated flatware with daffodils on the handle. I knew NOTHING about flatware, but thought silverplated must be worth something.
I came home, did some research and auctioned it off. (the only way to do it back then!!). 

And it worked! Sold it all at really good prices. Especially considering the low purchase price (like .25 each, I think).
So I went crazy.
Bought all the silverplated flatware at thrift stores I could find. Discovered it's not all created equal and sold some and didn't sell a bunch.
Then the thrift stores dried up and I didn't find any for a long time and I kind of got out of it.
In the meantime, my thrift stores had been FULL of stainless flatware but I didn't even consider it. I mean, it's only stainless, right? Who would want it??
Well fast forward a bit and Hubby was getting impatient not finding silverplated flatware and decided to research stainless flatware on Ebay. It was startling some of the prices stainless flatware was selling for!
So that's the main story. We've kind of dabbled in it off and on and then recently started focusing on it a bit more. Of course, I can always find it faster than I can list it...so I always have plenty to work on.


Ever since we've moved over to selling at Fixed Price with a store on Ebay and having stores on Etsy, I've come to the realization that most flatware will sell. Eventually. (Not something that a thrifting addict needs to know.) But there definitely are brands that perform better than others and move more quickly.
Here's my main top selling list:
There are other brands I will pick up depending on condition, pattern, and how many pieces are available.
Interpur INR2 Oval Soup Spoons
For example:
Some brands, it really just depends on what's available. For example, if I come across a bunch of Hampton Silversmiths flatware and its in good shape and it looks like there's enough to make a complete set, I probably will pick it up. 

If there's just one or two pieces, I don't usually bother.

How I List

Here's another question that comes up sometimes.
And the answer is...it depends.
It usually depends on which way makes the most money.
Generally, I tend to list in groups of 4.
Four dinner forks, 4 salad forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 dinner knives, 4 oval soup spoons, etc...
If the pattern is popular, you can get away with listing 2 or 3 if you don't have 4.
If the pattern is really expensive, I may list in singles.
If I have a complete set, I have a hard time breaking it up. I like to at least try to sell it as a whole. If that doesn't work, I break it down later.
A complete service for four would include 20 pieces: 4 dinner forks, 4 salad forks, 4 teaspoons, 4 dinner knives 4 soup spoons. A service for 8 would have 8 each of those pieces.
I generally list serving pieces separately.

This is getting much longer than I expected and I still want to touch on how to identify your pattern and a bit on organizing. If there's any other questions you have, feel free to leave a comment.

Stay tuned for part 2!! Hopefully sooner rather than later!

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