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My Thrifting Bucket List


Pendleton Robe-In-A-Bag Stadium Blanket

So I think all of us thrifters have a LIST. The list. That list of items we'd like to find 'in the wild' at least once before we...stop thrifting. 
A Bucket List.
One of the items on my thrifting bucket list is a Pendleton blanket.

The item above is as close as I've gotten so far. It's Pendleton and it's a blanket. And it's super cool. But it's not really what I meant. I'm hoping for something a bit older and maybe more Navajo inspired. 

Let's see..other items on my Bucket List:
I'm pretty sure there's more. 
The thing with the Bucket List is that it has to be do-able. There are plenty of items I've seen people sell for HUGE money that I know I'm never going to find. The items on my list may be scarce...but I really think it's possible to find them. At least once.

What about you? What's on your thrifting Bucket List?

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