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Time for Letting Go


In this new phase of my life, working at home, building a ReSelling business, I've learned some things about myself. Which is a good thing. Every new challenge should reveal previously hidden skills or abilities. But that's not what I'm talking about here.

What I've discovered about myself is that I'm a...what shall I call it? Hoarder? No..that's not it. Not really. Just a little. I've always said that as long as I'm selling what I'm finding, I'm not a Hoarder.

And I like to sell. I buy shoes, I sell them. I buy shirts, I sell them. I buy silverware, I....hoard it.

Ok never mind. It's still not completely the thought I'm looking for. I'm a....Gloater? Yes, there is part of that. I love telling everyone what I found. And how little I spent on it. So, yes, that's a bit of gloating.

But I think what I'm really finding out about myself is that I'm a Hoarder-Gloater.

When I find things that are AMAZING, that are ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME, I have a hard time letting go.

Remember this post about that amazing end of estate sale, and the free items and the AMAZING Le Creuset finds and getting it all for dirt cheap? Well, that stuff has just been sitting in my ReSelling area. I was having a hard time letting it go. It's worth money!! I'm not planning on keeping it. It's just been sitting there.

I'm like some Scrooge character, counting his gold. I look at my finds and I'm like...'hee hee...look what I found!!'

So this week I listed some items. I started with the Heath pieces. They were free.
Immediately I sold this one:

And this one:

For $25 each. Duh!

So last night I got all my Le Creuset listed.

It feels good.
I'll make some money to go spend on my next ONCE-IN-A-LIFETIME item. There's always another one. That's why I love this biz.

What about you? Are you a Hoarder-Gloater? Or are you a Churn-and-Burn kinda person?

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