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Some Days You Eat the Spider, Some Days the Spider Eats You....or What's Going on Here at the Recycleista's Lair

   About a year ago, I was visiting my folks and my Mom and Dad got me hooked on a game called Bejeweled. Perhaps you know it? Fairly mindless, time-sucking game app that had me picking up my iPad whenever there was downtime.
   Well, the mode within Bejeweled that I turn to the most is called Butterflies. (shown above).
Basically, you're trying to free or collect the Butterfly Gems before they make it to the top of the board where they can get eaten by the spider.

   As you can imagine, it takes a bit of strategy, a bit of being 5 different places at once and a measure of priority setting. The Butterfly closest to the top gets all of your attention....the ones at the bottom can wait. 
   And as you can imagine...it can get pretty tense (well not really, it is JUST a game, after all. Real lives are NOT involved, lol). But when there are several Butterflies up in the top row all at once and you have to figure out how to work the gems below to get them to drop down out of harm's way...and you realize you CAN'T save all of them.....
The spider wins. 
But I know what you're thinking.
What in tarnation does this have to do with vintage, thrifting or reselling??? 
Well, let me tell you. 
   In the past year or so, I was feeling like I was living in the Butterflies mode of Bejewled.
Some days, even weeks at a time...I'd be fine. It seemed that the amount of attention I was giving to each area of my life was adequate. The jewels lined up correctly and the butterflies would stay down low in the safer area. Things would get covered. 
   Then something would slip...the dishes started piling up or we'd eat too much junky convenience food because I didn't want to  was too tired to failed to plan what to cook. Those butterflies were inching their way up toward the danger zone.
   Money would get tight so all my attention would go toward listing and selling online. I'd be helping save the life of that Sapphire Blue Butterfly....and while my attention was diverted....the Ruby Red one was inching its way up the other side of the board...and.....CHOMP!! I'd look around and clean laundry (thanks Honey) was in monumental unfolded piles that we had to move off the bed to get in at night. 
   Now I realize there's no such thing as perfection. Well, some of you are probably more organized than I am...but I will never achieve the Domestic Ideal that I see all over Pinterest.
But I can get better.
And I have to. I'm tired of living like this. Living paycheck to paycheck under a mountain of debt. It's holding us down, holding us back. In the past, I thought of attacking our debt mountain and even tried starting a blog to make me accountable. But it didn't last. 
   This time, I've started by doing some research. I will plan my attack and I will share the process with you.  
What I will NOT do:
What I MAY do:
Since this blog post has gone on longer than I imagined I'll stop here. But more information will be coming shortly! 
How about you? Do you struggle with the balance of everything? What's your strongest area of organization? What's your weakest?

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