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Checking In!


 Japanese Stoneware on Etsy
Yes its January...and not only that, it's more than halfway over!! Yikes. I thought I'd be back here sooner.
How've you been?
Busy as usual here.
Working on my state taxes. (they only require me to do it once a year..and its due Jan 31, so there you go).
Taking care of the kiddos, doing some volunteer work, trying to declutter and organize my life.
Hubby started his own business so lots of paperwork, organizing involved with that.
Thrifting, working...laundry, groceries, dishes...I know you all know! all the usual.

I do have a focus of trying to simplify what I'm selling...we'll see how it goes. And I've committed to clearing out my backlog. I have been buying less. For reals. At least, I think I am....lol.
I want my big bulky stuff gone and focus on just buying in a few niches....that are easy to list and ship.
My dream.
Hope I can make it happen someday.
But I do have a few incentives, the main one being....my family is coming out to visit!!..(major cleanup!! and gotta get the 2nd bathroom done!!).

One thing I've been selling a bit more of is sewing patterns. Vintage and newer.
I just like drooling over the pictures. Can you blame me?

 1950s Sewing Pattern with Parasol instructions!!

And the picture up top is my Japanese Stoneware collection. I bought it all to resell, but i love it a bit too much and it took YEARS to get it off my shelf, lol. But it's all finally listed. Check out my Pinterest Board for Japanese Stoneware for more funky finds!
See? I am finally getting to listing things that have been in this house TOO long! Just gotta stop adding to the piles!! Ugh. It's a work in progress.
So, I hope to hang out with y'all a tad bit more...My next post should be a bit more focused and not so blathering. :) Just keeping it reals.

Thanks so much for hanging around and not giving up on me!

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