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It's That Time Again!

 Fire King Splash Proof Mixing Bowls 
Red Polka Dots!!
Things are SELLING! It's great. It makes a lot of the work that was done in the past few months totally worth it. Not that things didn't sell before...but some stuff that has been hanging around awhile is finally moving!

Some of it may be my mindset too. I'm in a total...get it listed, get it out of here, simplify, downsize, kind of mode. Which means less thrifting and being more selective. I just have to. I can't keep going like this anymore.

BUT...thrifting is my escape, my fun, my recreation, my quiet MOMMY time. :) So I keep going. But I'm only bringing home stuff like those awesome amazeballs Fire King red polka dot bowls you see up above!! I about fell over...forget any poker face. I gasped and grabbed!

That's fun.

So with my crazy listing and selling and shipping and weeding I've been doing...there's no time for blogging...and it's like a guilty voice in the back of my head....gotta blog, gotta blog, gotta blog.
But I realize this happens every year around Nov/Dec and I'm back on the blog with a vengeance come January!

So don't give up on me!

I also know that I owe you another installment of the Selling on Etsy series.
Part One and Two are here and here.
I'll work on what I have figured out about getting stuff found via keywords, etc...but in the meantime...enjoy this article. It's from Etsy itself and I learned a lot!
How Etsy Search Works
Enjoy yourselves and Happy Thrifting!!

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