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Trying Something New


Okay, so here's my something new.
I deactivated my Facebook account.
Yup. You heard me. DE- activated. 

I have honestly been thinking about this for awhile now. There are SO many awesome groups and reference sites on Facebook. I get a ton of great information daily. There are helpful people and I learn things about Ebay, Etsy, SEO, antiques, collectibles and social media all the time. Some groups are devoted to talking about what thrift store items were found and sold and for how much.

That being said,
There is also a lot of wrong information in these groups. A fair amount of complaining, customer badmouthing and whining. (although I try to avoid the groups that allow that). Also, being 'friends' with other sellers means I'm 'friends' with people I probably wouldn't be friends with in real life. Know what I mean? It's a small percentage. But it is what it is. Which means, that in my feed I see things I may not want to see, read language I don't personally use or want to be exposed to. 

And on top of all that....Facebook had become a HUGE timesuck for me. Those thrifting and BOLO groups were addicting!! No joke. 

Something had to be done. So I closed my Etsy group, let a few people know I was taking a break, and hit the 'deactivate' button. 
It already feels good. 
I will use the extra time for:
This decision is for at least the rest of the summer. That's what I've committed to. In the fall, I will probably reevaluate. See how much I've missed. Are those groups that help with identification of antiques or jewelry THAT invaluable? Do I need the interaction with fellow vintage sellers? The answer may be yes. But I'm hoping that if I do decide to go back, I will control it better. I will be more selective.
Then again, the answer may be no. The answer may be to just keep listing.

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