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Mid Century Monday - Cylinda-Line by Arne Jacobsen for Stelton


Welcome [back] to Mid Century Monday! As usual, I make no promises about the regularity of my posts..but I love alliteration and will use it any chance I get. :) 
Today's feature is about Stelton, the Danish design company and their iconic Cylinda-Line products.
I was first introduced to these amazing products a few years back when I found this coffee pot at Goodwill. 
I didn't know anything about it, but knew enough that something that fabulous looking, marked "Denmark" was worth picking up.

Doing research on it, I learned that this line was designed by Arne Jacobsen in the 1960s. "The simplicity of cylindrical shapes and specially designed plastic handles characterized the line which, along with its brushed steel surfaces, stood in striking contrast to the highly polished curves of its day."
(www.stelton.com) (more history at the link)

 This line won the ID award in 1967 and has been on display at the Museum of Modern Art. 
It's so popular, the design is still in production and available. 

I never really expected to find anything else in this line, not on the thrift store level anyway. And I've promised Hubby if we found another coffee pot he'd get to keep the next one. :) But I was pleasantly surprised to come across these salt and pepper shakers.
 Cylinda-Line salt and pepper shakers on Etsy

Hubby didn't have quite the same interest in these, so they are listed in his Etsy shop, Metal and Tweed.

Although I have a love / hate relationship with stainless tableware (collected way too much of it and it sells too slowly)...this cylindrical shape is one I will always keep an eye out for!!

Happy [vintage] hunting! 

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