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Hot Vintage Niche ~ Anthropomorphic Kitchen Collectibles


Anthropomorphic kitchen collectibles are all those fun things you've seen for years but maybe didn't know the name for. Now you do.
According to the dictionary "anthropomorphism" means "ascribing human characteristics to nonhuman things".
It's all around you. Really. Anything by Walt Disney. Yup. Mickey...he's anthropomorphic.
Thomas the train? You got it. 

What a great word to throw out there next time you're watching Cars with a group of friends. ;) 

Okay, maybe not.

But really, anthropomorphic kitchen items are quite collectible! Kitschy and cute, these salt and pepper shakers, tea bag rests, planters, teapots, jam pots...the list goes on...were found in your local Five and Dime in the 40s and 50s. They were also given out as prizes for games such as Bingo.
Most of these novelty items took the form of vegetables, fruit or utensils with smiling faces. 

Or like the planter shown here, not so happy. I think I narrowed this one down to a turnip...but I'm still not sure if the headscarf is for a particular purpose, like a toothache. I was imagining this planter being given with a cheery plant as a Get Well gift. Hmm. I listed this cutie yesterday and she sold the same day. 
Sometimes the anthropomorphic item was for advertising purposes. 

 Handy Flame Salt and Pepper Shakers on Etsy 

These salt and pepper shakers depict "Handy Flame" and were used by the Indianapolis Gas Company (other companies, too, I believe) to promote and spread the word about cooking with Natural Gas. I had the creamer that matched the set but she sold too. :)

Last but not least, I have to say something about the tea bag rests that are shown at the top of the post. They are from my personal collection. (sorry not for sale). I collect tea rests and the anthropomorphic ones that say "I will hold the tea bag" are my favorites!! I usually only find one or 2 here and there so a big thank you to my MIL who found the above complete set and was willing to part with it!! 
So keep your eye out for these cute, kitschy, novelty items with the funny faces!

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