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Spoils of The Hunt- This One's a Quick One

Guess what's inside the box???

So, as a seller of vintage, I get most excited when I can find a vintage item with its original packaging. Just seeing something new and never used from times past, gets my pulse racing. It's more rare to find NOS product so it's that much more exciting.
I had always hoped to find some Pyrex dishes in their original boxes but didn't really count on it. Because, come on! 
Who doesn't use their Pyrex??

So when I saw this box on a shelf at an antique/craft show I went to this past Saturday, I couldn't get over to it fast enough!

I lifted back the flaps, and guess what??

Only a set of Friendship Cinderella casseroles! With the clear lids that have the fabulous design!!

It's MY pattern. The one I'd like to have a few pieces of. I have one large casserole I managed to thrift...but that's it. It's fairly hard to find, but also pretty popular. Right up there with turquoise and pink Pyrex. Which means it can be pretty pricey. Check out the lasagna pans
So here lies my dilemma. 
Sell or keep?

Part of me says keep it. Of course.
The other part says itheyre too nice. I want to use them. I don't want to break them. I really think a collector needs these. Someone who really appreciates the new vintage aspect of it all. Someone with a display like this...

 Picture from Flickr
So, we'll see.

What would YOU do? 

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(Resellers: Take note of the previous post, where I announced a new blog! The Reseller's Corner. )

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