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Spoils of the Hunt


Well, the Vintage Weekend Show was a fun time had by all. Looking forward to the next one, October 24, 25 and 26!

On the vintage hunt end of things, we found a few things lately that I wanted to share. 
First off was the small pottery vase in the picture up top. I loved the look of it and it felt like quality. The only thing I could read on the bottom looked like "Wiinblad" and so I brought it home.
Initial research led to the name "Ulla Wiinblad"...but I wasn't finding much in completeds or any information at all. Then I made sure to pop it on Twitter using the hashtag #thriftbreak and quickly had some help from fellow vintage hunters, Karen and Daniel from The Papers.
It turns out that Winblad didn't have 2 ii's in it! I was spelling it wrong. And the whole name I needed to be researching was Ulla Winblad-Hjelmqvist. 

With that information I was able to find out more.
Ulla Winblad-Hjemqvist was born in Sweden, emigrated here to the Pacific Northwest in 1967 and passed away in 1992. According to her Seattle Times obituary, in the 1980s the King and Queen of Sweden were visiting Seattle and bought a set of her dinnerware!
A permanent exhibition of her work is on display at The Nordic Heritage Museum in Seattle.

Our next find is a bit bigger.


 It reminds me of the top of a barrister bookcase. The glass door lifts up. It was perfect timing because friends of ours will be in the Farm and Frills show this weekend. We usually add a few pieces into their booth and Hubby helps with setup/teardown. This piece will be perfect! Display and for sale!
I also found this set of Vera Neumann pillowcases still in their original package. I haven't pulled them out (package is already open) to take a full on picture...but they are typical Vera fabulosity!

Okay, one more share...then I'd better get to work. My list feels endless today!

I found two of these sweet nursery jars in blue. Turns out the tape holding the lid down on one of them was hiding a chip (grrr) but the remaining one is beautiful in its retro wonderfulness!
It reads "Round the Clock with Baby". I believe they were made by Glasco and there were originally 3 of them that came with a tray. This one with the glass lid I believe is a bit earlier. Another version had plastic lids.
This would be so cute filled with cotton balls in a baby boy's nursery!

Okay. Off I go!
What have you found while on the vintage hunt lately?
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