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The Spoils of Thrift ~ Anniversary Edition


So Hubby and I celebrated our 15th anniversary last week and in true Mr and Mrs Recycleista fashion, we went out to dinner and then went to Goodwill. Then on Sunday, since the weather was gorgeous we grabbed the boys and drove out to the ocean. Of course we hit a couple thrifts along the way!
It was fun and we found some cool stuff. Worthy of a Spoils of Thrift post!

Let's start with the bunnies. They still need cleaning up. Actually Hubby found the plain white one a week or so ago and we hadn't gotten to listing yet when we found the floral one. They are by Hammersley Ceramics and they are cotton ball dispensers!

Speaking of rabbits, we found this in our garden.

The sweet little black and white bunny that has adopted our yard and garden turned out to be a she not a he and  left 6 of these and 1 solid black one in the garden shed. Cuteness overload!
And another classic bunny:

Little child's cup featuring Peter Rabbit by Wedgwood. Beatrix Potter is always a winner!
Moving on to another classic childhood favorite, check out this sugar bowl:

Paddington is still taped up...took just a quick shot for the blog. Paddington is always popular, so I was looking him over and saw the bottom stamp:

Vintage Paddington! Even better!
Seems pretty rare. I've found some cookie jars but no sugar (honey?) bowls yet.
Lets go more Scandinavian now.

The pewter salt and pepper shakers are Konge Tinn. I love the little holder they're in. Sometimes I love living in a relatively small town that's not really into Mid Century. These shakers were in the display case at Goodwill for weeks at a price I didn't want to pay. Apparently, no one else did either, since I found them the other night on the regular shelves at a fraction of the price. Thank you very much.
The middle bud vase is my first piece by Porsgrund Norway.
And the piece on the right...just looked cool. I felt like I should know it, but I couldn't make out the bottom mark.

A little Googling later, I find that its Soholm Denmark and found this nice blog post that told me more.
Next up, some Denby. Always a favorite find:

We actually picked up 4 of those little individual casseroles or bean pots on the right.
And on to a little more England: Portmeirion Botanic Garden vase:

Botanic Garden has quite the following, so you'll find this site to be helpful for deciphering the backstamps:
Backstamp Gallery

Oh and I'm saving my real favorites for last. Check out this carafe or decanter.

It's by Taylor Smith Taylor and is in the popular Boutonniere (aka Ever Yours) pattern. It's missing the wooden lid, but it seems that most of the ones on Ebay are.
Okay and my AB-FAB find of the weekend?
This pink metal tissue box holder decorated with a POODLE and the EIFFEL TOWER and rhinestones!!!

Crazy fabulous! Who thinks up this stuff??
Which was your favorite find! Can't wait to see some of your recent scores as well!
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