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How to Find Completed Sale Prices on Etsy

UPDATE: January 2016.
I know, I know! Etsy is always changing things. I think the method below still works...but they've buried the numbers a little deeper. Fortunately, I found this app/site that does the work for you!
Game changer!!
What Did It Sell For on Etsy?

Now, I can't take credit for this. I would never have thought of this in a million years. Make that two. No, I read it a few times on a great Facebook group called Got Vintage Shops Dealer Support. (If you sell vintage, love vintage, whatever, check them out. They also have For Sale pages on Facebook too where you can advertise your vintage store listings)

There used to be a simple way to check sold prices for a particular item on Etsy, but when they changed their design, I'm pretty sure it went away. There was another method that was a little more complicated and I never tried it. Lots of times I just email the seller to see what they sold an item for, which usually works since the Etsy crowd is pretty darn friendly. :) But this seems to be pretty simple.

Okay, so let's go through it with an example. My Hubby sold the pig in the opening picture last night in his Etsy shop, Metal and Tweed.
Let's find out how much it sold for.
~ Go to the sold item listing page.

~ Right click on your mouse, and choose View Page Source from those options. Your cursor has to be somewhere on the page that is not a picture for it to work.

You'll get a page of what appears to be nonsense, but is actually very important. Now you hit CTRL-F (for Find) and a Search box in the top right will show up. Type in the word "Price". Like this:

Then hit Enter. The page will show all the places where the word 'Price' is and they will be highlighted. We see in that line the amount $45.00 which is what Hubby sold the pig for.

Now that I know where approximately the price is in the page, I'll probably just scroll down until I find it from now on.
But that's it.
That was with Google Chrome, you may have to play around a little with your browser.
I just checked Firefox...and I just hit CTRL-U and then CTRL-F and it worked just fine! Easy Peasy!
Keep in mind, this only works for single items. There is still no way to show completeds in general of multiples on Etsy.
Hope this helps!!

If you're thinking about opening your OWN Etsy shop, never fear! Sign up through this link:
Open An Etsy Shop and you'll get your first 40 listings FREE! And so will I. :)
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